About Our Grants
Name mNET Grant in Partnership with Ohio State University
Funder U.S. Department of Education, Transition to Teaching Program
Years 2011-2016
Purpose Increase the number of teachers certified in high-need subject areas, including science, math, bilingual-Spanish, English as a second language, or special education, teaching in Title I schools in high-need school districts
Recruitment Cohort 1 – 15 interns (2011-2013)
Cohort 2 – 15 interns (2013-2014)
Cohort 3 – 20 interns (2014-2015)
Cohort 4 – 20 interns (2015-2016)
  • Be accepted into the HCDE Teacher Alternative Certification Program
  • Certification Areas – core subjects (includes generalists, special education, and bilingual)
  • Teacher-of-record in a Title 1 school in a high-need school district
  • Partial program fee reimbursement – $3,600 (paid over 3 year period)
  • Access to online Learning Management System (LMS) for content and pedagogy support
  • Additional professional development after certification – monthly during 2nd and 3rd teaching years
  • 6-day Critical Friends seminar during summer
  • Remain a teacher-of-record in a Title 1 school in a high-need school district for three full school years (internship year + two years after receiving standard certificate)
  • Teach core subjects during three year commitment period
  • Regular use of online LMS modules and eCoaching sessions
  • Attend monthly targeted professional development sessions provided during second and third teaching years, and Critical Friends seminar (during one summer)