Records Management digitizes and converts files


Serving school districts, counties, municipalities and other government entities.

Convert your paper or microfilm to electronic files, while keeping the files accessible via secure cloud storage. HCDE Records Management can collect records and materials from your site, convert the files and make them accessible to you.

Scanning Services

  • Eliminate paper and transform your records into digital images.
  • We scan most types of documents in any quantity. We prep and insert bar coded break sheets as we convert your documents into accessible digital archives.
  • All records are accessible during the scanning process upon request.

Microfilm Conversion Services

We offer state of the art conversion for roll microfilm, cartridge type microfilm, microfilm inside sleeves, and most individual sheets of microfilm. The images can be made available to you on our secure website and/or stored in our secure vault.*

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*State law requires a back-up copy of permanent records; after converting to an electronic file, HCDE Records Management can save a back-up copy to original rolls of microfilm, which are stored in our secured vault.