Program Assessment

Records Management file cabinets


Serving school districts, counties, municipalities and other government entities.

What Records Management procedures do you have?

Are your records kept according to what is legally required?
How do you want to access your permanent records?

What Records Management program do you use?

Are you able to easily access your records?
Would you like to assign access of certain records to appointed personnel?

Let us help you improve your records management program and maximize efficiencies in record keeping procedures.

We will

  • Assess your current program
  • Make recommendations for improvements
  • Establish efficient information management procedures
  • Provide customized records control, classification and disposition schedules

Did you know?

  • After a document is stored, 85% of those documents are never accessed again.
  • After one year, 90% of the 15% that were accessed are never accessed again.
  • After seven years, 95% of all documents can be destroyed.
  • Duplicates and unnecessary copies comprise 95% of all stored documents.