Training with Law Specialist Allows Educators to Think Through Active Shooter Scenarios

Area educators gained valuable training for active shooter scenarios with Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff McGowen on Nov. 12. The two-hour, online training was hosted through the Center for Safe and Secure Schools. “Civilian Response to Active Shooters Events (CRASE)” was free and allowed teachers and administrators to “think through” various school crime scenarios.

Some takeaways from CRASE:

When you find yourself in an open area with active shooter:

  • Seek immediate protection. Find a safe area and secure it the best you can.
  • Put something between you and the shooter.
  • Think it through: Is escape the option? Do you know where shooter is? Is escape immediately available.
  • Know your building’s floor plans.

When reporting the shooting to authorities:

  • State your specific location: building name, office and classroom number.
  • Report number of people at your specific location.
  • Let authorities know number of people injured and type of injuries.

When law enforcement officer enters room:

  • Do not present a threat to officers.
  • Do not point at officers or the shooter.
  • Do not make quick movements.
  • Do not run towards them or attempt to hug them.
  • Do not scream or yell.


Source: HCDE