As an afterschool intermediary, CASE for Kids provides resources, trainings and funding for students in grades pre-k through 12 in afterschool programs in schools, child care facilities and community centers. Services benefit approximately 12,000 kids in greater Harris County. CASE for Kids programs happen before and after school, on weekends and during the summer. As a branch of Harris County Department of Education, the division was founded in 1999 with a goal to keep kids safe, help working families and improve academic achievement. For more information visit

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The smell of pork, beef, and chicken infiltrated the Galena Park ISD Williamson Elementary cafeteria this holiday season at the Tamalada Celebration. As a part of Williamson’s 21st CCLC Texas ACE Program, parents, students and cafeteria staff made tamales to highlight the Hispanic heritage at their school. This event gave families and individuals the opportunity to share their holiday traditions with the school community.

The cafeteria staff helped with the Tamalada, teaching the students how to roll the dough with their hands. Fresh onions and chilies were added for extra spice. Students were focused on making the tamales, lining up along the table in a productive assembly line.

Parents played an important role in the success of this event. They were happy to have an opportunity to share traditional Hispanic cultural traditions with their children at school. Site coordinator Kim Franklin said this event helps increase parental participation during the year.

“It gives parents a chance to participate in the full process of the event, from the planning, donations and then making the tamales at the Tamalada Celebration,” Franklin said.

 By making tamales together, everyone at the school was able to bond over one thing their cultural traditions had in common: food. At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed the delicious tamales.

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