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The Afterschoolzone is the virtual meeting place to share resources, know-how and innovative ideas. CASE for Kids uses the web site to update the community about funding opportunities, highlight model projects and connect the community with after-school activities all across Harris county. This on-line interactive resource allows parents, providers, after-school programs, students and the community an opportunity to connect during out-of-school time.

COVID-19 update: CASE For Kids, a division of HCDE, will remain closed until further notice

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CASE for Kids, a division of Harris County Department of Education (HCDE), invites you to attend the inaugural Impact Awards, hosted by CASE Debates virtuallly!

In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to serve our debate community in a way that best ensures the health of everyone. In spite of the challenges, CASE for Kids is still excited to recognize the 2020 CASE Debates Impact Award winners, coaches, judges, supporters, and partners for the time, effort, and dedication they have given CASE Debates.

Click HERE to view the Impact Awards POwerpoint presentation for in-depth information on awards and winners! 

The Making Afterschool Cool Podcast is an essential part of the CASE for Kids' push to increase the awareness of resources that improve quality in the afterschool and out-of-school time field. Join Mike Wilson and field experts as they discuss best practices, the growth mindset, project-based learning, social emotional learning, restorative practices and student engagement all with afterschool providers in mind!

About HCDE

HCDE is a unique, educational hybrid serving school districts, governmental agencies, nonprofits and the public in the third-largest county in the U.S. HCDE annually serves a quarter-million students and educators through schools for students with profound special needs; the largest adult education program in Texas; Head Start early childhood education; school-based therapy services; and afterschool programs. Educator professional development and certification, school safety, records management, and a purchasing cooperative are also provided. #SeeTheImpact at http://www.hcde-texas.org

About CASE for Kids

As an afterschool intermediary, CASE for Kids provides resources, trainings and funding for students in grades pre-k through 12 in afterschool programs in schools, child care facilities and community centers. As a branch of Harris County Department of Education, the division was founded in 1999 with a goal to keep kids safe, help working families and improve academic achievement. More at https://hcde-texas.org/afterschool-zone/

Our Mission

Strengthen, support, and sustain afterschool programs and out-of-school time activities.

Our Vision

A connected community investing in opportunities for youth.