Image of a boardroom with five chairs and a notepad on the table; courtesy of Shutterstock.

Below are the 2017 Board documents with the most recent at the top.

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12/13/2017 Board Meeting Agenda
12/13/2017Board Meeting
12/08/2017CANCELLED Special Committee Meeting on Legal Services RFQ
11/29/2017Board Meeting
11/29/2017Policy Committee Meeting
11/29/2017Special Committee Meeting on Board Secretary
11/15/2017Special Committee Meeting on Legal Services RFQ
11/15/2017CANCELLED Special Board Meeting
11/03/2017CANCELLED Policy Committee Meeting
11/03/2017CANCELLED Special Committee Meeting on Legal Services RFQ
11/03/2017CANCELLED Special Committee Meeting on Board Secretary
10/18/2017Board Meeting Addendum
10/18/2017Board Meeting
10/18/2017PFC Meeting
10/18/2017Special Committee Meeting
10/18/2017Special Committee Meeting
09/20/2017Board Meeting Addendum
09/20/2017Board Meeting
09/20/2017Budget Committee Meeting
09/01/2017Notice of Emergency Meeting
08/16/2017Board Meeting Addendum
08/16/2017Board Meeting
08/16/2017Public Hearing on Internet Safety Policy
08/16/2017Audit Committee Meeting
08/16/2017PFC Meeting
07/18/2017Policy Committee Meeting
07/18/2017Board Meeting
07/18/2017Budget Workshop
07/17/2017Development Committee Meeting
06/20/2017Board Meeting
06/20/2017Committee Meeting of the Whole
06/13/2017Budget Committee Meeting
06/13/2017Special Board Meeting
05/16/2017Board Meeting
05/16/2017PFC Meeting
04/18/2017Board Meeting
03/28/2017Special Board Meeting
03/28/2017 Development Committee Meeting
02/28/2017Board Meeting
02/27/2017Development Committee Meeting
01/26/2017Public Hearing
01/26/2017Board Meeting
01/26/2017Audit Committee Meeting
01/26/2017PFC Meeting
01/09/2017Special Board Meeting