School Finance Council


The School Finance Council is designed for school business officials. The Council provides membership with TEA updates, finance issues and training information regarding various business office matters. Members can request information to be presented each month on various topics.

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Session Agendas

2020 Agendas

Date (Workshop Material)
Video Link 
Workshop Registration

January 17, 2020View VideoRegister
February 14, 2020View VideoRegister
April 24, 2020View VideoRegister
May 14 & 15, 2020View VideoRegister
June 5, 2020View VideoRegister
July 17, 2020View VideoRegister
August 14, 2020View VideoRegister

2019 Agendas

Date (Workshop Material)
Video Link
Workshop Registration
January 25, 2019View VideoRegister
February 14, 2019View VideoRegister
March 22, 2019View VideoRegister
April 26, 2019View VideoRegister
May 9, 2019View VideoRegister
May 10, 2019View VideoRegister
May 31, 2019View VideoRegister
June 13, 2019View VideoRegister
July 10, 2019View VideoRegister
August 22, 2019View VideoRegister
September 20, 2019View VideoRegister
October 18, 2019View VideoRegister
November 15, 2019View VideoRegister
December 13, 2019View VideoRegister


2018 Agendas

Date (Workshop Material)
Video Link
Workshop Registration
January 26, 2018View VideoRegister
February 23, 2018View VideoRegister
March 23, 2018View VideoRegister
April 20, 2018View VideoRegister
May 9, 2018View VideoRegister
May 10, 2018View VideoRegister
June 14, 2018View VideoRegister
July 26, 2018View VideoRegister
August 24, 2018View VideoRegister
September 21, 2018View VideoRegister
October 12, 2018View VideoRegister
November 16, 2018View VideoRegister
December 7, 2018View Video Register


2017 Agendas

Date (Workshop Material)
Video Link
Workshop Registration
January 20, 2017View VideoRegister
February 17, 2017View VideoRegister
March 23, 2017View VideoRegister
April 7, 2017View VideoRegister
May 24, 2017View VideoRegister
May 25, 2017View VideoRegister
June 27, 2017View VideoRegister
July 6, 2017View VideoRegister
August 25, 2017View VideoRegister
September 22, 2017View VideoRegister
October 13, 2017View VideoRegister
November 10, 2017View VideoRegister
December 15, 2017View VideoRegister

2016 Agendas

Date (Workshop Material)
Video Link
Workshop Registration
January 15, 2016View VideoRegister
February 12, 2016View VideoRegister
April 8, 2016View VideoRegister
May 12, 2016View VideoRegister
May 13, 2016View VideoRegister
June 2, 2016View VideoRegister
July 7, 2016View VideoRegister
August 25, 2016View VideoRegister
September 23, 2016View VideoRegister
October 14, 2016View VideoRegister
November 11, 2016View VideoRegister
November 28, 2016View VideoRegister