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Jeff Drury

Director of Choice Partners

 Contact Us:

Phone: 713-696-2122
Office: 713-696-0786
Mobile: 281-627-5696

General Office Clerk Faye Johnson 713.696.1886
 Assistant Director Joann 713.696.2122
Assistant Director Trisha Jensen 713.696.0742
Office Clerk  Cassandra 713.696.1389
Contract ClerkKay Sandra Vorish  kay@choicepartners.org713.696.0743
Contract CoordinatorCora Day 713.696.8208
Contract ManagerKaren Chesky 713.696.6052
Contract ManagerKristi Dion 713.696.1337
Contract ManagerMichael Robles 713.696.4254
Contract ManagerMonique Josephmonique@choicepartners.org713.696.4259
Client Services Manager Jan 713.696.0746
Sr. Manager of Facilities PlanningStephen 713.696.8252
Contract Compliance Specialist Mary Causey 713.696.8270
Contract Specialist Arlita Kyles 713.696.8241
Food Contract CoordinatorLaura Sprehe 713.696.8213
Food Contract AssistantDoris Munguiadoris@choicepartners.org713.6968243