General Instructions

  •   Attachments to your application are acceptable.
  •   Funding levels will vary between $1,000 and $10,000.
  •   Deadline for Round 2: Friday, January 29, 2021, 5pm.


  •   The Foundation does not fund salaries and stipends.


  •   With limited resources per funding cycle, awards will be distributed to support the most districts possible.

Grant Application

  • District Information

  • Application Level

  • Project Information

  • Type in the amount of funds being requested. Whole numbers only. Do not include cents.
  • What is (are) the campus level(s) where the project will take place?
  • What is (are) the grade level(s) where the project will take place?
  • What is the estimated number of students this project will impact during the project period.

  • Project Description

  • Describe your project in 3 to 4 sentences. If your grant request is funded, this brief description will be placed on the foundation's website and be used in press releases to the media.
  • Provide a thorough description of the needs this project will address. Be sure to use any demographic, academic, survey, or historical data to support the issue at hand and why it needs to be addressed at this time. Also, include the target population, number of beneficiaries, and a clear picture of how things at the present state need change.
  • In this section, the applicant must explain how they will communicate the project activities to campus, district, foundation, and other constituents regarding events, progress, etc. Applicant must address how, if funded, they will communicate how the Education Foundation of Harris County supported the project. This may include the use of the foundation logo, stewardship, invitations to student showcases, social media, etc.
  • Upload supporting documents
    Drop files here or