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Center for Grants Development (CGD) offers a referral list of local consultants who have experience in the field of grants development. CGD recommends that any organization interested in hiring a grants consultant thoroughly review their experience and success. CGD cannot guarantee the fit between an organization and a grants consultant. That is the responsibility of the contracting organization. Below is a list of consultants, to view the Grant Professional Associations database please use the following link:

Carol Bornstein
with Carol Bornstein Consulting, LLC
  •   Area(s) of Grant Expertise: State agency, private and corporate foundation grants with non-profit arts, social services, disability services, healthcare and education organizations
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 10 (and a non-profit professional for more than 30)
  •   Summary of Services: Carol's individualized services include assessment of current grants program and funding needs; funder prospect research; program development; budget development; proposal writing; proposal review, editing, and proofreading; grants calendar management; post-award grants reporting; executive coaching and mentoring in fund development; and project management. Carol Bornstein Consulting, LLC’s service fees are based on the client’s specific needs and there is no charge for an initial consultation with a needs assessment. Carol Bornstein Consulting, LLC adheres to the strict ethical standards set forth by the Grant Professionals of America (GPA) and never works on a commission.
Allison Boyd
with Boyd Grants
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: grant consulting (higher education, homelessness, k-12 education); fundraising and strategic planning
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 9 years
  •   Summary of Services: Boyd Grants prides itself on helping companies achieve their dream by providing fundraising services while maintaining integrity, quality, and ethical practices during the process. Boyd Grants provides professional grant writing, research and related services to non-profits. Allison Boyd is Grant Professional Certified through the Grant Professionals Association. Boyd Grants can help your organization from beginning to end in the fund development process. We strive to provide complete client satisfaction.
Valerie Ellis
with Ellis Consulting
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: human services, faith-based, intermediary organizations, education
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 11+
  •   Summary of Services: Valerie Ellis of Ellis Consulting has more than 11 years of experience in fund development including: strategies and planning, public and private grant writing, public and private grant reviewing, individual donor cultivation, program development and program evaluation. She has worked for a variety of organizations, including those that provide direct services to the community and those that help nonprofits collaborate and enhance their services and operations. She is passionate about helping organizations grow, diversify and sustain a healthy funding portfolio.
Saadia Faruqi
with Faruqi & Associates
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: Faruqi and Associates has experience with grant writing to private foundations, corporate funders and other entities.
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 10+
  •   Summary of Services: Author of "Best Practices in Grant Writing: Beyond the Proposal" and adjunct professor in grant writing at Rice University's School of Continuing Education. Faruqi writes grant proposals, helps nonprofits create comprehensive fundraising plans, and trains organizations in grant seeking strategies.
Karen Hays
with Grants Consultant
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: Writing and managing government grants
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 15
  •   Summary of Services: Karen Hays is a Grant Specialist with 15 years of experience in government and foundation grants. She has worked on portfolios ranging from $10,000 to $22 million. Her specific areas of expertise include working with interdepartmental teams to research prospective funders, write application narratives, prepare budgets, administer grant requirements and track project deliverables.
Jan Mitchell Johnson
with GrantsFormation, Inc.
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: federal and state K-12 education grants (all areas), charter school start-up, charter growth, strategic plan narratives
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 17
  •   Summary of Services: We write – and win – grants for public and charter school districts all over the country… over $142 million in just eleven years! Trust us with your state and federal grant writing projects, and get back to your REAL job – educating kids! With over 23 years experience in public education, we speak the language of education and can translate your ideas into winning proposals. All it takes is a few calls with your team, and we’ll draft a budget, create a WOW! program design, and complete all forms and attachments for you to submit to the funder. Time is money - Grantsformation gets you BOTH!
Linda Kleinhans Beeman
with Aurora Grants
  •   Area(s) of Grant Expertise: Small to mid-size nonprofits (i.e. 1-4 people in fundraising function)
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 10
  •   Summary of Services: Grant writing, development plans, board retreats, speaking engagements
Michele Leal
with Grant & Communications Consultant
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: Grant writing (federal and private), fundraising and communications consulting; extensive expertise in health care, FQHC's, mental health, social services grant writing
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 9
  •   Summary of Services: Grant writing, development and communications professional with over ten years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors. She has worked with a number of non-profit organizations in the Houston community, including those in the health care, social services and mental health arena. She has a successful track record writing and winning foundation, corporate and government grant proposals, as well as working with clients in the areas of fund development, special event coordination, marketing, public relations and advocacy.
Kathryn Sullivan
with KOMPASS Consulting
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: Nonprofits, development, fundraising
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 12+
  •   Summary of Services: Developing plan/fundraising strategies; grant writing assistance, donor cultivation, solicitation stewardship; governance/training; other services as arranged.
George Marshall Worthington
with Worthington Associates Worldwide
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: Government (all levels) and private (foundation and corporate) grantsmanship, as well as special events, cause-related marketing projects, and sustainable financial innovation (including pay-for-success on social impact bonds, debt conversions, voluntary solidarity contributions, diaspora bonds, emissions trading, carbon taxes, use of IMF SDRs, exchange-traded funds, CGD-linked securities, financial transactions tax and other blended-capital and market-based models and mechanisms to increase the flow of capital to meet development challenges)
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 20+
  •   Summary of Services: Helps organizations effectively respond to unique challenges confronting the nonprofit sector globally through a variety of services.
Alexandria Hodge
with Robinson-Hodge Consulting
  •   Area(s) of Expertise: State agency, private and corporate foundation grants with non-profits focused on arts education, social services, disability services, and programming for underserved populations and foster care.
  •   Years in Grant Writing Field: 5 years of grant writing experience (has served the Greater Houston community as a development and marketing professional for more than ten years).
  •   Summary of Services: Services in grant prospect research; foundation and state grants; proofreading and editing, grant consultation; organization and program development, fundraising and development, and other services related.  Robinson-Hodge Consulting also specializes in building marketing and development campaigns.