How do I schedule pickup for new boxes?

Please provide us with a complete order form along with transfer form for new material, the location of the boxes, and the number of boxes. If boxes are picked up from a location other than your local address, contact HCDE Records Management to discuss your needs.

How do I make a request for a pickup or delivery?

Call customer service at 713.694.9022 OR email request to: csd@hcde-texas.org, OR Log onto our Secure Storage Portal @https://rms.hcde-texas.org & place request online.

What is Secure Storage Portal and how do I use it?

Secure Storage Portal - Free service offered through our website

View and sort inventory listing, view and print invoices and make service requests

For initial log-in, please call and speak to a customer service representative

How do I schedule box/file deliveries?

Please provide us with the barcode/tracking number (as it appears on your transfer form) and/or the box or file name of the record requested Log onto our Secure Storage Portal @ https://rms.hcde-texas.org/ & place request online.

What are Pre-Assigned Barcode Labels and how do I get them?

These labels contain an account number and barcode with a unique tracking number for assignment of each box. Customers use these to ensure accurate input of inventory and enable quick retrievals. By using these labels, a box is able to be retrieved by the barcode/tracking number. This prevents duplicating box numbers. Pre-assigned labels allow boxes to be inventoried quickly in the event that you need to retrieve a box/file right away. Log onto our Secure Storage Portal @ https://rms.hcde-texas.org/ & place request online.

How do I schedule returns?

Log onto our Secure Storage Portal @ https://rms.hcde-texas.org/ & place request online.

What if I want to change my authorization list?

Authorization forms are available on our Resource Center under Forms. Complete, print and have a current authorized person sign the form. Please email completed form to csd@hcde-texas.org