Records Storage

Records Storage Solutions for your Important Files

Our Secure Storage Portal is safe, secure, confidential, and gives you more convenient access to your account anytime, anywhere! You will appreciate how quick and easy it is to complete your requests. You will also be pleased to know that with our Secure Storage Portal your requests post immediately. The Secure Storage Portal will give you the ability to maintain an inventory of the items you send to HCDE Records Management for storage. You can manage subscribers who have access to your account.

We offer an economical solution for storing and managing your business files. Our records storage and records management program provides a reliable and secure method for relieving the burden of having to keep up with your document inventory. We eliminate the overhead and administrative headaches common to in-house document storage schemes by providing: 

  • offsite storage
  • retention management
  • identity theft protection
  • file retrieval and delivery

Let us handle your document management so you can focus on the other important things in your business.

With just a few quick steps, you will be on your way to ensuring that you have an accurate accounting of your storage inventory, making future retrievals and reporting that much easier. The right document storage solution makes all the difference. 

Your documents should not be stored just anywhere. Relying on a warehouse or self-storage facility can create a number of problems, from wet and moldy documents to stolen files. HCDE records center was purpose-built for protecting and preserving paper documents. We offer a safe, clean, secure facility for storing confidential business records. Our records center is a steel-constructed building sheathed in steel panels and designed to eliminate theft, fire and water damage. All documents are stored on high-density records storage racking systems. Unlike a self-storage facility or warehouse, we only store hardcopy documents. We use state-of-the-art technology and rigorously designed and monitored processes that constantly maintain the security of our clients' confidential information, including:

  • strict building access monitoring and control;
  • provision of a class 125 four-hour certified fire protection system in our vault;
  • facilities monitored by powerful video surveillance camera system, 24-hour motion detectors and moisture detection systems;
  • facility access strictly controlled and employees use proximity cards to access secure areas;
  • Records Management Center specifically designed to store records and documents efficiently by our team of dedicated professionals will help manage your records; and
  • GPS-enabled vehicles transport your documents to and from your offices.