Serving School Districts, Counties, Municipalities and Other Government Entities

We are a full-service facility offering our clients the security and dependability expected for records management.

Services include:

  • Initial consultation and set up of your records program
  • Custom development of your records control schedule
  • Boxed and secured storage of your hard copy records
  • Boxes with lids available for purchase
  • Imaging your permanent and non-permanent records
  • Electronic document storage and retrieval with unlimited access
  • Destruction of eligible records
  • Data protection services include storage of vital records in a secure media vault
  • Media tape rotations
  • Electronic scanning and conversion of many microfilm types
  • Transportation of records


  • In the event you need immediate information read to you over the telephone, we are here to service your special circumstances.
  • We provide a guaranteed rush delivery service during normal business hours.
  • Drivers are clearly identified in company apparel with photo ID badges.

Our main objective is to provide all our customers with the highest level of service. We strive to offer affordable solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements.

RMS ACCESS is HCDE Records Management’s exclusive web based customer database. RMS ACCESS will help you save time and increase accuracy by requesting services through RMS ACCESS you will have control of your data. You will have access to view live requests, reports, billing information, and invoices.

If you do not already have access contact customer support by calling us at (713) 694-9022 or emailing us at

Data Protection Services

HCDE provides a class 125 four-hour certified fire protection system in our vault. Our media vault is environmentally safe, as well as temperature- and humidity-controlled. A variety of media is stored including microfiche, CD-ROMS, reels and back-up tapes. We offer daily, weekly and monthly data rotations.


Media Tape Rotation Services

HCDE provides seven-day-a-week, and in some cases weekend, tape rotations. We offer dependable service to meet your needs to ensure you are getting what you need to function on a daily basis. You can make your request through our customer service desk via e-mail, fax or phone.