Secure Destruction

Protect Your Most Confidential Information

In today's world, you not only have to protect your own data, but the data of your customers or clients, too. Privacy laws have never been stricter than they are now. We can assist you in developing a clear, convenient document shredding schedule that will increase the protection of your most confidential information.

We will help guard you against:

  • identity fraud;
  • theft or loss of confidential files; and
  • sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, both internally and externally.

We can help you control costs and increase your comfort level with:

  • guaranteed, secure document shredding services;
  • thorough documentation to indicate chain-of-custody for legal purposes with proof of service;
  • convenient rates appropriate to your needs; and
  • a secure shredding guarantee.

With HCDE Records Management Shredding Services, the chain of custody remains unbroken from the deposit of documents in your office's secure HCDE consoles until your Certificate of Destruction is received.

  1. Destruction Bin Delivery: We deliver locked destruction bins or consoles to your business for you to fill with your documents. These tamper-resistant containers are bar-coded, scanned and tracked through every stage of destruction.
  2. Scheduled Service: Our drivers arrive at your location according to the schedule you set up with us. Your empty bins replace your full bins, which are placed on our truck with the lids still locked. They remain locked until they reach our secure facility.
  3. Certificate of Destruction: If you would like proof of destruction for your hard drives, media or documents, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after each scheduled shredding service.


At HCDE Records management, we take every precaution to ensure your sensitive media and documents will not fall into the wrong hands. To protect your information, we:

  • only hire drivers who pass strict background checks and undergo regular drug screening;
  • use only the most advanced, locking destruction bins and consoles with to keep your documents secure until destruction;
  • outfit all of our vehicles with GPS tracking systems that we monitor via the web; and
  • secure our facility with entry access controls, a 24-hour alarm, and a digital camera system.

By taking these and other precautions, HCDE Records Management offers your business the convenience of professional paper shredding while safeguarding your confidential information. HCDE Records Management can help you determine a service level and program that is right for you. Simply contact us to set up an appointment with our Records Management team.