Climate & Culture

The Culture of HCDE

HCDE's Center for Safe and Secure Schools has been instrumental in bringing restorative discipline practices to Harris County schools by conducting both onsite and offsite workshops supporting implementation of various restorative practice models. 


Climate & Culture Approach and Benefits


What is School Climate and Culture?

School climate is the perception that is held about a school derived from outward indicators such as physical appearance. Climate is what is seen on the surface and elicits a distinctive feeling. School culture is the shared experiences and traditions that are celebrated. Culture is the collective norms, values, and beliefs, that contribute to the overall personality of a school.


Why School Climate and Culture?

Climate and culture are the undertow of a school. They can influence student belonging, teacher morale, parental involvement, and school safety. Often overshadowed by academic accountability, school climate and culture when neglected, can have detrimental consequences on the overall success of a school. For that reason, there are several resources from the Harris County Department of Education, Center for Safe and Secure Schools available to support schools and districts in enhancing their school climate and culture.


Course offerings through the CSSS division of School Climate and Culture aim to:

  •   Increase school safety and security
  •   Enhance student, teacher, and parent relationships
  •   Decrease suspension rates
  •   Increase student class time
  •   Contribute to a positive learning environment
  •   Improve student behavior
  •   Transform school culture

Restorative Practices Training

This workshop series is an excellent experience for participants who want to be introduced to the basics of Restorative Practices. This training allows participants to experience the impact of a virtual Restorative Circle. Participants will have an opportunity to experience a community building circle process and develop the skills to plan and facilitate a virtual Restorative Circle. Participants will also have the tools to facilitate an in-person circle.

For more information, check out the full training document.

Image of cogs working together, links to training document.


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