Division Highlights

Culture and Climate Hosting an Introduction to Restorative Practices Workshop

School Culture and Climate Specialist, Julia Andrews will be hosting an Introduction to Restorative Practices workshop on Tuesday, December 11th. During this workshop, participants will be provided an introduction of Restorative Practices and basic steps on how to begin implementation on their perspective organizations.

Restorative Practices seeks to build a stronger community by involving the whole community in the positive resolution of wrongdoing and by using conflict as an opportunity to strengthen positive relationships.

CFSSS Connects with ONE Houston (Organizing Network for Educators) on School Safety

School Safety and Security Specialist, Janice Owolabi was part of a very important community conversation on school safety.  Over 100 Houstonians came together Saturday, December 1st, to take action to create safe and supportive schools. High school and college students, parents, teachers, principals, and advocates representing six different school districts identified preventive counseling and mental health efforts as well as restorative justice practices as the top two issues in our community.  The CFSSS is joining the effort to keep the conversation going.  Janice is part of a leadership group that works on concrete policy changes, funding changes in the practices of local schools and districts that focus on the issues of increasing mental health personnel on campuses and expanding restorative justice programming.

DOJ Grant Meeting Milestones

The CSSS DOJ Grant is wrapping up its first quarter with a significant accomplishment. Our new Grant Manager, Dr. Colina Poullard has successfully completed the Department of Justice Grants Financial Management Training. This was one of our first
required milestones to ensure that our grant is a success.

Dr. Pollard’s position is funded through the BJA STOP the Violence Grant awarded to the Center for Safe and Secure Schools for nearly $500,000. The grant award will allow the Center to work with up to thirty schools over three-year period where they will provide educators, students and law enforcement personnel with violence prevention training.