Saving Districts Money








For the 6th year in a row, the taxes are
BELOW the Effective Tax Rate

HCDE Tax Rate


HCDE saves taxpayers money with lowered tax rate  

Harris County Department of Education is committed to operating in a fiscally conservative manner. Looking out for taxpayers, HCDE’s Board of Trustees voted to save taxpayers money by lowering the tax rate for 2017-2018. The new adopted rate represents a 0.1 percent savings for taxpayers when compared to last year’s tax rate. This is the third consecutive year that HCDE has adopted a tax rate lower than the effective tax rate. This is possible due to a sound business model, strong internal controls and excellent business acumen by all division managers. 

HCDE’s adopted tax rate is 0.005195 per $100 assessed property value for tax year 2017-2018.   

History of HCDE’s tax rate   

In 1935, Harris County voters approved a maximum tax rate of one cent per $100 valuation of property for HCDE’s maintenance and operations. Each September, HCDE’s Board of Trustees adopts a tax rate based on appraised home values established by the Harris County Appraisal District.