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Partner With a Nationally-Recognized Organization

HCDE's School-Based Therapy Services is nationally recognized for its leadership in delivering high-quality, evidence-based services. We have partnered with school districts and charter schools in and around Harris County since 1978, providing occupational therapy, physical therapy and music therapy services to struggling learners. Year after year customers tell us how much they appreciate and rely upon our quality, value and leadership. According to one client district, "HCDE has a reputation for providing well-trained, professional and dedicated therapy services."

Experience our highly qualified staff:

Our therapists are highly qualified, efficient, caring and specialize in school-based practice. 

We are dedicated to ensuring our therapists continue to grow professionally by providing evidenced-based professional development to support best practices.


Rely on our professional and experienced management team:

Our managers are physical and occupational therapists with an average of 30 years of experience in school-based practice. We understand the complexities of special education law and the needs of students and districts. We provide oversight , mentoring and problem-solving with our staff to ensure compliance, quality and efficiency. 

Our management team also provides customized program evaluation and professional development to assist districts with their unique therapy needs.


Receive a comprehensive package of services for rates that are well below those of other providers.

  •  Highly trained therapists carefully chosen through a thorough and selective recruitment/interview process.
  •  Mentoring and training in special education law and best practices.
  •  Unparalleled staff retention rate which allows increased efficiency and continuity of service.
  •  All management services, including practice leadership, expertise and oversight of staff.
  •  Management oversight to ensure quality and defensibility of evaluation reports and documentation.
  •  Up to five days of evidence-based professional development provided to staff each year.
  •  Oversight of staff compliance with all state and federal regulatory requirements.
  •  Criminal Background Check and SBEC Fingerprinting as required by law.
  •  Mileage reimbursement/travel allowance.
  •  Staff provided with laptop and FERPA compliant, cloud-based data back-up system to protect student data.
  •  Testing materials and documentation forms designed to clearly document student progress and educational need for service.
  •  Comprehensive library supporting best practices and current evidence.

School districts rely on HCDE's School-Based Therapy Services management team because we:

  •  Ensure our therapists’ practices are evidence-based
  •  Support continued professional growth
  •  Resolve any issues that arise quickly and positively
  •  Provide on-site supervision of personnel 
  •  Provide thorough oversight of student documentation and evaluation reports

 See what our clients have to say:

“HCDE has a reputation for providing well trained, professional and dedicated therapy services. Thank you, HCDE!”

“Exceptional therapists in terms of therapeutic skills and people skills. They cope with stressful situations. Documentation is thorough, concise and professional.”

“Our service providers [HCDE] are wonderful, very conscientious and hard-working. They always put children first.”

"I think the staff is wonderful and I appreciate the support of the managers who serve our district. They work with us to be efficient and effective in serving our students and in being fiscally responsible to our community. I can't imagine a better relationship."

“Working with HCDE is a great experience! I truly have enjoyed the collaboration between HCDE and our district. Thank you for all that you do for our children.”

“Our [therapist] works well with our staff and is very knowledgeable and student centered. HCDE always returns our calls and answers any questions.”

“HCDE is an invaluable resource to our district. We trust them to provide the best professionals and services in the field.”

"These services are so well respected in the district. Great group of folks."