Boys Town

What are we? We are Boys Town. We believe that behaviors are learned by way of environment and relationships.

  •    Researched based behavior management system
  •    Intent on building positive relationships
  •    Teaching replacement behaviors to bridge social skill gaps and deficits
  •    Collaborative and inclusive; merging the community, parents, and stakeholders for the vision and mission of our AB campuses


  •    Data collection of 4 major categories: Adult relations, Peer relations, Classroom behaviors, and School rules
  •    Individualized system to meet each student’s needs
  •    Target behaviors are targeted using the strategies of researched based corrective teaching
  •    Deescalating strategies infused with the behavior curriculum
  •    Motivational token economy: students earn everything by points earned by displaying appropriate behaviors


Love and Logic

Highpoint Discipline Management System

The discipline management system is designed to instill self-discipline and to assist students in becoming better decision-makers. Love and Logic is a principle-based philosophy in which children learn how to live with the consequences of their actions, avoid blaming others for their problems and make wise decisions.

The program is based on the Love and Logic Solutions: Discipline, Responsibility and Academic Achievement. Students enter on Level 1 and move up and/or down the level system depending on subsequent behaviors. All students are required to maintain a point sheet that is carried from class to class.


Bullying Complaint Form

Report bullying on any campus with the attached form.


Bullying Complaint Form