Principal Program Framework

  •  The aspiring administrator will examine the state’s certification standards for principals; basic issues relating to why educational administration was selected as his/her profession; the participant’s current status regarding career goals; attitudes and skills that facilitate credibility, trust, confidence, and becoming a leader who puts principles ahead of politics and people before self-interests
  •  The aspiring administrator will learn the legal aspects of leadership; how to translate policies and procedures into practice; and how to create an effective and efficient building administrative handbook and other excellent management documents
  •  The aspiring administrator will develop an understanding of the human relations aspects of leadership; the elements of moral and ethical leadership; how to develop personal and professional habits of quality; how to conduct and monitor strategic planning; and how to design fiscal and programmatic accountability
  •  The aspiring administrator will learn how to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum; achieve efficient scheduling of instruction; identify new technologies for teaching and learning; and establish a campus culture of high expectations for students, teachers, staff, parents, and community
  •  The aspiring administrator will review new systems of authority, leadership, and collaborative decision-making at the building level; learn to get organized personally and professionally; and how to design and implement training and coaching involving all stakeholders
  •  The aspiring administrator will become aware of new trends for educating children for a profoundly different future; learn how to address the anticipated changes through campus planning, evaluation, communication, and accountability; determine how to maintain safe and secure environments; discover how to establish processes to assess and modify the plan; and practice how to create local solutions to local problems
  •  The aspiring administrator will conduct interviews with successful administrators and business/corporate/government leaders regarding critical leadership topics, and will network with other successful principals
  •  The aspiring administrator will engage in structured, standards-driven, campus-based/job-embedded learning as part of the practicum under the coaching and mentoring of an experienced mentor principal