Digital Learning

Educators and students who embrace learning enhanced by computer technology find a wealth of knowledge and support at HCDE

Our experts in learning software work to support classrooms up in the digital age, ensuring that students learn more sophisticated content with greater levels of flexibility, mobility and engagement. 



Professional Development Offerings:

HCDE offers a learning management system and professional development services. Our digital education and innovation specialists work hand-in-hand with key decision makers in school districts and organizations to put together fully customized solutions to help students in and out of the classroom.

Our Teaching and Learning Center provides:

  •   Full-scale learning management system hosting solutions for school districts;
  •   Cutting-edge professional development; and
  •   Presentations on modern educational technology topics for administrators, teachers, parents and students.

What can we do for you?

Moodle Hosting: We can help you offset your infrastructure and personnel investments by moving your Moodle installation off of your network and onto our state-of-the-art Windows-based cloud. We can provide full installation, support and management. To keep your installation on your network, we also offer remote support and administration for LAMP, WAMP and WIMP installations.

Online Learning and Course Design: Are you looking for new content for your Moodle installation? We can help! Whether you need pre-built professional development courses for your teachers or training on how to build and facilitate online courses in pure online or blended environments, our highly-qualified learning specialists can provide everything you need to create powerful learning experiences for teachers and students.

Customized Training: Customized educational technology staff development for districts and/or campuses. We specialize in safety and support trainings on topics like:

  •   Keeping students safe online
  •   Social media use and the law
  •   Digital citizenship

Professional Development Workshops: Browse our catalog for upcoming workshops at HCDE and unique online professional development opportunities 

Contact Us

Colina Poullard
Phone: 713-696-0778

Dr. Colina Poullard is the Curriculum Director for Digital Education and Innovation for the Teaching and Learning Center at HCDE. She has a combined 20 years of Education and Media Experience. Dr. Poullard has earned multiple Texas Education Certifications including; Principal, English, Journalism and Trade & Industry. Dr. Poullard holds a B.A. in Journalism from Southern University, a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, and an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from Lamar University.