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34th Annual R.T. Garcia

Early Childhood Winter Conference - #ECWC20

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Learn new strategies for student engagement with creative-yet-practical lessons for your active learners.

  • Gain easy-to-use, research based strategies for pre-k to 2nd grade students
  • Infuse passion and purpose into your lesson plans
  • Balances TEKS with your students' missing foundation skills
  • Benefit from a variety of breakout sessions
  • Choose from many educational, personal products geared to your liking at our exhibitor expo

Cost: $100 Early Bird before December 1 / $125 after / $ 150 onsite



Peter H. Reynolds

Peter M. Reynolds is a storyteller, illustrator and humanitarian.  The Massachusetts native has authored, co-authored and illustrated numerous children's books.  He's known for uplifting messages about nurturing creativity in young learners.  He wrote and illustrated a trilogy or "Creatrilogy" based on developing the creative spirit called "The Dot", "Ish" and "Sky Color".  He owns a homespun bookstore in Dedham, Massachusetts called Blue Bunny Bookstore.


Presenter Brief BioSchool / OrganizationCo-PresentersSession Title Session Description Location TimeMax Capacity Gold Mine Session Time Slots  
KEYNOTE PRESENTER Peter Reynolds One Brave Dot“I just can’t draw.” These words, uttered by a 1st grader nearly twenty years ago, inspired Peter’s mission to urge all of us to “make our mark” bravely. While his book, “The Dot” (which celebrates its 17th anniversary this year) is about art and a great art teacher, the book is ultimately a metaphor for being brave enough to take that first brave step and see where it takes us. Peter’s newest books “Happy Dreamer”, “The Word Collector” and “Say Something!" dare us to keep positive, keep dreaming and keep finding powerful words to help express what we are thinking, feeling and dreaming. Peter will share a sneak peek of his upcoming book, “Be You” which is a joyful reminder of the ways every child is unique and special. Be your own work of patient, persistent, and true. Because there is only one YOU.Gymnatorium8:30 a.m. 1200   
Bilingual Keynote Speaker Dr. Gilberto Soto, Texas A&M International University Music and Movement to Enhance Learning in the Multicultural Early Childhood Classroom  Great Room A10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.320   
Gayle Y. Fisher, M.Ed., Ed.Tech. Getting Sorted Inc.  Learning Interventions, Learning Differences, Movement & Sensory IntegrationIs the child keeping up with peers?   Let's talk about how the child learns, how things can go wrong, how  learning differences fit in, and what you can do about that.  Hangtime College12: 45 p.m. 50   
Joelle Trayers HISD/Berry Elementary Challenging Young MindsHigher level thinking skills are not just for upper grade students! We can start laying the foundation for creativity and critical thinking with our youngest learners. Sharing concrete ideas for activities and stories that will challenge our students to become deep thinkers.The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #110:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. 6 (x4)10:35-10:55, 11:05-11:25, 11:35-11:55, 12:00-12:20  
Joy Lynn Sloan and Doris Thomas  Oilfields Energy CenterDoris TomasSee Hear Do Engaging Strategies for the Early Childhood Learner  Keeping students engaged in the learning process takes imagination and careful planning. There are a wide variety of teaching strategies that can be used to make the classroom more engaging and improve student learning.  This workshop will concentrate on the following:  sorting, puzzles, foldable, games, anchor charts, and a scavenger hunt.Great Room C2:00 p.m. 90   
Shanece Smith Shanece Speaks My Limitless PowerWhen was the last time you thought about how much power you truly hold? We have the power over so many things, but forget to use our power to our own advantage! In this interactive session, participants will learn about the true power they posses and learn how to use those powers to increase performance, lower stress, and create a more powerful life! As educators, we give and give some more! It’s time to take back your power! The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)   
Yvonne Lopez Taylor Carter Academy // Aldine ISD Yvette Conde // A.W Jones EC PREK KEveryone is an Artist In this make and take, participants will explore using mentor texts and art to reinforce language arts, math, science, and social studies TEKS. Learn how to use art to strike conversations and advance skills in your students. Participants leave with a book list, project ideas, see student examples, and create their own project.Dance Studio10:15 a.m. 50   
Arts Alive! Arts Alive Inc. Tina Sabuco Igniting the Joy through MovementCome and join Arts Alive! and learn how to implement JOY and MOVEMENT in your classroom. Through years of experience, we have developed easy-to-use techniques to incorporate movement, music, and magic into your everyday classes. Using these techniques, along with the Arts Alive! Philosophy will Ignite the Joy in every one of your students! 14202:00 p.m. 50   
Felicha Jones Smart Scholars Academy & Smart Scholars Foundation Parent Involvement In A Child's Life Is Not A OptionThis session is designed to raise an awareness of the importance of parents being involved in their children's lives. We will look at outlining the impact of the parent on a child - whether positive or negative - based upon the engagement and relationship between school, home, parent and child.  The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #110:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. 6 (x4)10:35-10:55, 11:05-11:25, 11:35-11:55, 12:00-12:20  
Khristina Hogan Heritage Elementary /Spring ISD  Leveraging Family and Community Involvement Come join us for an interactive session focused on learning how to plan a neighborhood block walk to reach out to families and the community.  The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
Dana Darden Benbrook ElementaryCarolyn CollinsTeaching with PurposeI’ve had it…I’m tired of not meeting the needs of my scholars.  Is there anyone out there? SOS, passionate teacher in distress!  Help is on the way. Come join me as I share my findings of effective ways to impact student learning.  Walk with me and rekindle your passion.The Connection Center            Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
Dr. Codi Freeman University of Houston-Clear Lake Early Childhood Guided Reading/Small Group Lesson CycleEarly literacy is an essential aspect of the educational experience of children. This session will teach participants how to teach early literacy skills in a small group setting. A small group lesson plan will be provided with specific strategies to teach young children early literacy skills. ELC11:30 a.m. 50   
Sandra Consilio MIND Research Families Play With MathEarly learning years is a time to develop foundational math knowledge. How early learners play with high-quality math through patterns, shapes, and sorting can be linked to improved academic success. We can empower families to engage their young learners with these nine deep and meaningful math activities beyond the classroom. 211112:45 p.m. 80   
Sandra Consilio MIND Research Institute Everyone Has ProblemsWhen educators think about problem solving, they might envision word problems. We can all agree EVERYONE has problems. And in early learning, we should provide age appropriate tools to encourage thinking and perseverance while building creative problem solvers for the types of problems early learners may encounter. 21112:00 p.m. 80   
Robin Rettie Lighthouse Learning Resources Creating A Safe and Trusting Inclusive Learning EnvironmentIncreasing social-emotional awareness requires creating a safe and trusting environment. This session provides a review of our 8 sensory systems and possible challenges, offers “how to” implement research-supported strategies to increase time on task and redirect behavioral responses. This is a hands-on engaging presentation providing strategies to being implementing immediately. Hang Time High 12:45 p.m. 250   
Katie Chennisi Harris County Public HealthJustin RahmanNature Play Every Day!With over 30% of children being overweight or obese, physical activity is critical. Nature play is even more important as kids are losing their connection to the natural world. This session will cover the how to create outdoor learning environments and  address challenges to making these healthy changes. Practical strategies, best practices, and resources will be shared to help achieve nature play every day!142010: 15 a.m. 50   
Paula Carrasco City of Houston-Houston Health Department Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)The purpose of CLPPP is to reduce the prevalence of childhood lead poisoning in the City of Houston, educate healthcare professionals and the community members about the hazards of childhood lead poisoning, identify & follow-up care for children with childhood lead poisoning, and provide a surveillance system that monitors blood lead levels.The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
LeeAnn Flores Sheldon ISDKristin NguyenGive Them a Voice: Communication Tips for Non-Verbal StudentsAre your non-verbal students acting out? Not having a mode of communication can be frustrating. We have a few communication tricks up our sleeves that you can begin using on Monday! Let us share our communication tool ideas with you! Join early childhood special educators Lee Ann Flores & Kristin Nguyen for some fresh ideas for your students and yourself!The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #110:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. 6 (x4)10:35-10:55, 11:05-11:25, 11:35-11:55, 12:00-12:20  
Dr. Frances Watson-Hester HCDE Equity, Diversity and InclusionThis training will give participants a deeper insight into themselves and the benefits of understanding equity and inclusion and how these concepts contribute to student achievement:  Through self-assessments, illustrations, and hands-on-activities, participants will develop competencies and receive tools to develop equitable policies, practices, and procedures.  The presenter will also provide strategies to assist participants with engaging colleagues from different backgrounds and experiences.The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #110:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. 6 (x4)10:35-10:55, 11:05-11:25, 11:35-11:55, 12:00-12:20  
Xuan Li University of Houston Best Practices for Educators Working with Diverse Young ChildrenThe session provides research-based best practices for early childhood educators to become more confident in working with diverse young children.Promenade Gold Mine Session #110:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. 6 (x4)10:35-10:55, 11:05-11:25, 11:35-11:55, 12:00-12:20  
Antonia Adams-Batres Lockhart E. S. Interactive Word WallsThis session will show how to use words that support the ongoing teaching and learning in the classroom. Teaches will see a variety of ways word walls can be displayed and how to integrate it in their lesson plans.Promenade Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. 6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
Sandy Chilton Austin ISDDenise Graham and Barb StevansonSTEMtales: Fun, Literature-based Math, Science and  EngineeringWant a whole new way to bring your favorite Fairy Tale stories to life? How about combining them with engaging STEM challenges? STEM Tales are fairy tales with a STEM twist. The engineering task is to solve the problem presented in the story. STEM Tales are a way to integrate literacy and STEM/STEAM activities for kids.Dance Studio2:0050   
Kesley Lewis Gregory Lincoln Education Center for Performing & Visual Arts "Making (Number) Sense"Repeat after me: NUMBERS LIVE INSIDE NUMBERS! Teachers will explore the importance of numeracy skills & the use of research-based strategies to help build students' fluency & algebraic reasoning. Included are hands-on activities to make & take!Hang Time College11:30 a.m. 50   
Nicole Shanahan HCDEKristen AllenSupporting Spectacular Subitizers!Subitizing, or instantly recognizing a small quantity, is an important foundational skill present in both our Pre-K Guidelines and Kindergarten TEKS. Join us as we have fun with some whole group instruction as well as some workstations that help build fluency with subitizing!  Bonus: we will have a small make & take!142012:45 p.m. 50   
Daniel Franklin British International School of Houston Unleashing Creativity with the iPadApple believe that Everyone Can Create. Spend an hour seeing and trying out examples of creative tasks with the iPad that you can take back to your students and teachers.Dance Studio10:15 a.m. 50   
Cindy Brill  Learning Without Tears Essential Literacy Skills: What’s Missing? This session will review brain research related to how children learn to read versus typical instructional practices. Attendees will be empowered and equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify gaps in instruction and given the tools necessary for children to become confident, skilled readers and writers. ELC10:15 a.m. 50   
Georgia Frawley Rialto Unified School DistrictKen FrawleySigned Phonics for Decoding Tools, Phonics Rules and Reading ReadinessParticipants will learn how to combine ASL with music and extension games to teach single sound consonants, CVC & CVCE words, long & short vowels, and hard & soft sounds. Perfect for TK, Kindergarten and grades 1 & 2 to use multiple learning styles to get the most bang for your buck.Hang Time College2:00 p.m. 50   
Dr. Tammy Russell Walden University Virtual & Concrete Math ManipulativesA student solves a math problem with a virtual math manipulative. Does this happen in your classroom? This session will explore virtual manipulatives and the modernization of concrete math manipulatives coexisting in the classroom. while impacting a student's developmental domains? ELC11:30 a.m. 50   
Shauna Williams Benchmark Education Company Hear, See, Say, Do!  Five Strokes Young Children Can DoDiscover five pre-writing strokes to draw geometric shapes, print letters, and numerals, with associated verbal chants in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Explicitly teach, model, and practice using guidance and constructive feedback. Learn directed drawings and encourage children to apply foundational skills and practice with increasing proficiency.Promenade 12:45 p.m. 100   
Shauna Williams Benchmark Education Company Get Teachers Hooked on the Reading Habit:  Read-Alouds Do WorkStudents can think and discuss far above the level at which they can read. Selecting books that are both complex in ideas and language help build metacognitive skills.   Participants will use interactive Read-Alouds that support the development of language and literacy by planning intentional teaching opportunities for the read-aloud.Promenade2:00 p.m. 100   
Dr. Brenda L Arteaga HCDE SEL in the Early Childhood ClassroomBeginning early in life, social and emotional learning (SEL) is highly important for helping preschool children to understand and manage their emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish healthy relationships, set positive goals, and make responsible decisions.  In this session, participants will engage in SEL practices that integrate Restorative Circles. Circles are being used by educators to lead discussions. It happens with a circle of students and guided interaction from the teacher. Although circles are being used in a process called restorative practice to rectify wrongdoing and conflicts, they can also be used to celebrate students or to spark talk. Circles provide educators and students an opportunity to be heard and offer their own perspectives. Use circles at the beginning or end of the day.  Join Teaching and Learning Center’s r. Brenda Arteaga for an exciting round table discussion focused on supporting the social and emotional needs of our youngest learners.The Connection Center                   Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
Hugo Basurto St. Mark’s Episcopal School The Power of Play in Literacy In this interactive session, discover how to design an environment that produces desired literacy outcomes through child guided play. Learn how to identify key objectives and effectively document them in a natural, developmentally appropriate way.Hang Time Mid High12:45 p.m.& 2:00 p.m. 250   
Annie Trostel Texas Department of State Health Services Protecting our Children from Secondhand SmokeAs the Tobacco Coordinator for Public Health Region 6/5 South, it is my role and responsibility to educate communities not only on the dangers of first-hand smoke, but also how second-hand and third-hand smoke can negatively impact our most vulnerable populations. My presentation will cover the negative impacts of tobacco and nicotine products and how we can better protect our children.The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
Ariane Navarro & Brandy Alexander LIT Soul SistersBrandy AlexanderSupporting ELs in All 4 Domains with HyperquadsIn this session, we’ll review how to add authentic listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities into your blended learning classroom. Participants will be provided with a variety of Google tools that will help them incorporate each of the four domains through cross-curricular hyperdocs. Ensure that your classroom celebrates and reflects the diverse population of students with these engaging, 21st century lessons. Dance Studio12:45 p.m. 50   
Lisa Felske Harris Co. Dept of Education Away We Go! Science Adventures with BalloonsEngaging students in science doesn’t always require specialty materials.  Come to this session to learn about how to use balloons to cover science topics like density, movement of air, air pressure, properties of materials, floating and sinking, sound, electricity and more!The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #212:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.6 (x4)12:50-1:10, 1:20-1:40, 1:50-2:10, 2:20-2:40  
Dr. Cherry Ross Gooden Gooden & Associates Teachers as Bridges to Student Success:  What Kind of Bridge Are You?Dr. Gooden will share the qualities and practices of teachers who see themselves as bridges for ALL students.  Attendees will be encouraged to engage in reflective inquiry as we consider the essential features of quality bridges and how these features relate to demonstrated teacher social and emotional characteristics so critical to the development of young learners.Great Room B12:45 & 2:0090   
Mary Jo Huff Story Tellin' Time  Building Language and Literacy One Story at a TimeWhen a story says “THE END” it can be the beginning of instant language sharing.   Continue the learning with activities and experiences that promote conversation and inquiry with Story Play.  Whether you are an inexperienced teacher, a veteran educator, a librarian, a childcare professional these activities will turn you into a storyteller who can expand children’s favorite stories into meaningful learning experiences.
Light a fire in the imagination of children, using simple, east-to-do activities. 
Storytelling is a powerful tool for adults who work with children, and the fun ideas and activities that Story Play shares will connect with all ages of children.
Gymnatorium10:15 a.m. 100   
Mary Jo Huff Story Tellin' Time SNAP, CLAP, WIGGLE & GIGGLE to an Early Childhood BeatGet ready for some hands-on, research-based strategies that make learning exciting for all children.  They are naturally curious, and this is an opportunity for you to spark their imaginations and feed that curiosity.  Explore ideas and activities that are easy to find and use.  We will sing, rhyme, move to the music, share stories and play with puppets.  Learn language and literacy skills that work.  Mary Jo’s experience and passion create a special touch with Early Childhood Education.  Go back with everything you need to make learning fun for you and the children.Gymnatorium2:00 p.m. 100   
Stephen FiteStephen is an award-winning musician/writer for children whose albums have received eighteen nationally recognized honors.  Suitable for the classroom, car or living room, his upbeat brand of children’s music has been delighting students, teachers and parents around the nation for more than three decades. 

He realized his love for music at a very young age while listening to Beatles LP’s at his Aunt’s house shortly after the British Band Invasion of the 60’s.
As a result, he shares that same passion for song with teachers and children through his writing, recording and performance.

Since the mid 80s, Stephen has performed concerts for over 850,000 children, as well as, keynotes and workshops for educators in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. 

Stephen’s Concerts
Stephen’s shows have been described as an “interactive celebration of music and learning.”  Geared for ages 3 to 7 years, Stephen combines a solid hour of music and movement with generous helpings of rhythm, repetition and rhyme to create a festive buffet of entertainment and fun.  For children, the concert experience is exciting and motivating, as they become active participants from the opening song.  For teachers and parents, it is both relaxing and inspirational as they sit back (if they can stay in their seat) and enjoy the children’s individual performances. 
Melody House The Magic of Music & MovementThis participatory workshop will give teachers a new perspective on using music with children.  They will see the connection between music and movement and the brain, as well as how it can aid in teaching a multitude of skills children will carry into the future.Hang Time Mid High10:15 & 11:30250   
Dr. Vicki Gibson Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates Simple Tools for Understanding Revised Texas Pre-Kindergarten GuidelinesThe revised Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines and recently released TEA PreK Breakouts include end-of-year (EOY) learning outcomes that affect changes in classroom practices. Many EOY outcomes focus on developing foundational knowledge and skills, but mastery may not be required in a grade level, therefore no assessment for mastery would be aligned with state expectations. Knowing the difference in revised EOY outcomes is essential for aligning teaching, practice, and assessments with state guidelines.  Come and learn how to use Texas Big Sheets to enhance understandings and support discussions about changes in Texas PreK Guidelines. Big Sheets are also available for TEKS, grade K-12.Great Room A12:45 p.m.320   
Dr. Vicki Gibson Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates Classroom and Behavioral Management for Preschools This presentation provides free and easy-to-implement tools that help teachers and administrators establish routines and procedures for classroom and behavioral management. Routines create predictable order and ensure consistency in classroom communities so more time is focused on teaching and learning successfully. Come and learn ways to implement simple routines and procedures that may be used in PreK and elementary classrooms and increase your students’ social-emotional skills self-regulation and decision-making, and respectful communication. The management tools help teachers plan daily time periods for whole- and small group adult-led learning activities, and multiple opportunities for children to extend their learning and choose centers for child-directed, productive play. Great Room A2:00 p.m. 320   
Dr. Vicki Gibson Gibson Hasbrouck & Associates Aligning Instruction, Practice and Assessment with the Texas Pre-K Guidelines and Revised Texas TEKSThe revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and 2015 Revised Preschool Guidelines include hundreds of pages of end-of-year outcomes (EOY) or learning targets. Most educators struggle with finding time to read the documents.
This session provides an update on evidence-based research and learning progressions reflected in the revised standards. Participants will practice using easy-to-use one-page Texas Big Sheets (11 X 17-inch page) that include each grade-level’s TEKS for K-12. There are Big Sheets for the Texas Preschool Guidelines and Head Start Outcomes too!
During this presentation, participants will learn how to conduct an activity using the free, downloadable Big Sheets to inform others about changes in classroom management, instruction, student practice, and assessment. 
Great Room C10:15 a.m.90   
Terri Haarala Frisco ISD The Pre-K Math Workshop: Facilitating Learning Through Planned and Purposeful PlayThis session explores developing numeracy, early mathematical concepts, and mathematical language through planned and purposeful play.  Participants will leave with an understanding of the Pre-K Math Workshop components, how they can be implemented, and how they support learning aligned with the Texas Pre-K Guidelines.  Great Room C11:30 a.m. 90   
Terri Haarala Frisco ISD Let's Write! Supporting the Standards Through Shared Interactive and Independent WritingParticipants will leave this session with strategies for integrating shared, interactive, and independent writing opportunities into the Pre-K classroom.  The session will also uncover ways to use the developmental stages of writing to monitor student progress, determine next steps in instruction, and set goals with Pre-K students! Great Room C12:45 p.m. 90   
Ernesto RodriguezErnesto is a gifted presenter and specialist specializing in Early Childhood and Early Literacy Development. He has had an impact on schools and children for over 20 years. He is a three-time Teacher of the Year award-winner, and was a certified Master Reading Teacher in the State of Texas. Ernesto completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin and then completed a Master of Arts in Education at the University of Texas at San Antonio. At Scholastic his expertise with Early Literacy and Developmentally Appropriate Practices has also been at the core of many Early Childhood Initiatives as well as Curriculum Development at Scholastic Education. Due to his extensive experience with Early Childhood and Early Literacy.  Ernesto is also given the charge at Scholastic to conduct presentations on research based best practices at National, Regional and State Level Early Childhood Conferences while representing Scholastic as Director of Early Childhood.Scholastic Education Catching Kids Early with Literacy and Including Families to Celebrate School ReadinessThe need to focus attention on foundational literacy and access to books year-round is now more important than ever. For students entering school unprepared, school can be a place where struggles undermine confidence and critical skills remain underdeveloped. Instruction alone is not enough. Families must build their capacity and feel empowered to extend the learning at home. With a renewed focus on readiness, the case for prevention is clear at school and home. Join us for an interactive session on strategies that emphasize meaningful learning all year long.142011:30 p.m. 50   
Reginald Chambers Smart Financial Credit Union How to Manage Debt So It Doesn't Manage YouAre you looking for ways to keep your finances under control?  This seminar will help you get, and stay, out of debt.  We will discuss types of debt, warning, signs of too much debt, how you can avoid pitfalls and so much more!Hang Time College10:15 a.m. 50   
Dan St. Romain Dan St. Romain Educational Consulting I Can Make Good Choices“You’re not my friend!”  “That’s not fair!”  “I don’t want to do that!”  Each year it seems like we are dealing with more behavior problems in the primary classroom.  Come to this fun session and get some quick and easy ideas for teaching behavior and social skills using visuals, literature and simple chants and activities.Hang Time High10:15 a.m.250   
Dan St. Romain Dan St. Romain Educational Consulting Teach Skills And Break Habits:  Growth-Mindsets For Better Behavior in the ClassroomHow do we create long term change for students with chronic behavior problems? Join Dan to learn about the downfall of behavior tracking systems and why time out, clip systems, behavior folders, and office referrals don’t work.  Participants will also learn alternative ways to support behavior based on a model of targeting and teaching important skills and breaking poor habits.Hang Time High11:30 a.m. 250   
Dan St. Romain Dan St. Romain Educational Consulting Positive Behavior PrinciplesToto, we’re not in Kansas anymore! It seems like more and more, discipline issues are the main topic of conversation in the school setting. In this whirlwind interactive session, participants will learn nine principles for positively shaping the behavior of children in the school setting.Hang Time High2:00 p.m. 250   
Sylina Valdez Texas Education Agency Helping Families Make Connections Between Children's Play and Learning “What did you do today at school?” …a typical response from a 4-year old is usually “Play” or “Nothing”. This can leave parents and caregivers feeling like their child is not learning if all they do is play all day. This session will highlight a strategy from an NAEYC article where families are invited to be partners in their child’s learning. Come learn how to set up an event where families get to participate in learning centers to help them understand how play promotes children’s learning. 211110: 15 a.m. 80   
Howard MorrisonHoward Morrison serves as the Statewide Coordinator in the Early Childhood Education Division at the Texas Education Agency. Since his arrival at TEA in 2008 he has specialized in prekindergarten eligibility, laws and regulations, data and reports. A few key initiatives include the High-Quality Prekindergarten Program, Texas School Ready program, Early Childhood Data System, and ECDataWorks.
Mr. Morrison serves on the Texas Head Start State Collaboration Advisory Board as well as the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System Council.
Mr. Morrison holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Management.
Texas Education Agency HB3 Q&A SessionCome learn about HB3 and how it impacts early childhood education.  This will be an informal session and will allow time for questions and answers.211111:30 a.m. 80   
Dr. Laura Jana Jana Ventures, Inc. The Toddler BrainDr. Jana introduces the concept of QI Skills and lays out a strategic plan for early childhood development and cultivating the 21st-century skills needed to succeed during the foundational first five years of life.Great Room B10:15 a.m. & 11:30 a.m. 90   
Melissa DeLange      The Connection Center             Gold Mine Session #1    10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. 6 (x4)10:35-10:55, 11:05-11:25, 11:35-11:55, 12:00-12:20  



The 34th Annual R.T. Garcia Early Childhood Winter Conference is sponsored by the Early Childhood component of Harris County Department of Education’s, The Teaching and Learning Center, and is supported by the Early Childhood Leadership Group’s conference Planning Committee. The collaborative efforts of many individuals and groups make the conference possible. HCDE wishes to recognize the generous support and assistance provided by school districts throughout Harris County.

Andrea Segraves, Director of the Teaching and Learning Center, Conference Coordinator
Gil Gaona, Early Childhood Conference Assistant
James Colbert Jr., Superintendent
Jonathan Parker and Dr. Jesus Amezcua, Asst. Superintendents
HCDE Communications and Publications Division
HCDE Facilities Division

2020 Conference Planning Committee Members
Clear Creek ISD Tina Fogleman
Clear Creek ISD Abbey Sickorez
Fort Bend ISD/Fort Bend Head Start (retired) Frances Schneider
Frog Street Press Stephen Gonzales
Galena Park ISD Kimberly Guinn
Gulf Coast Community Services Association Florinda Davis
Houston ISD Axinia Zepeda
Houston ISD Marisol Castruita
Houston ISD Stephanie Torres
Houston ISD Maria Nevarez-Solis
Houston ISD Paola Salcedo
Houston ISD Lena Falsone
Houston ISD Gabi Solis
Spring ISD Kerri Davis
Spring ISD Lillian Lopez
Upbring Dr. Dana Biddy
Young Learners Norma Velasquez
Young Learners Claudia Azcarate


ECWC Program / Schedule

7:00 - 8:30 a.m.:

Registration - West Entrance Hall
Vendors - West Entrance Hall / 2nd Floor

8:30 a.m.:

Opening Session
Keynote Address:
     Peter H. Reynolds - One Brave Dot - Gymnatorium

10:15-11:15 a.m.:

Breakout Session I
Breakout Sessions and Vendors (see conference app for choices)
*Special Bilingual Keynote Address (2 hours)
     Dr. Gilberto Soto - Music and Movement to Enhance Learning in the Multicultural Early Childhood Classroom - Great Room A

11:30 - 12:30 p.m.:

Breakout Session II (See Conference App for choices)
CHOICE: Breakout Sessions - Gymnatorium
Vendors or Lunch - West Entrance Hall / 2nd Floor

12:45 - 1:45 p.m.:

Breakout Session III (See Conference App for choices)
CHOICE: Breakout Sessions - Gymnatorium
Vendors or Lunch - West Enterence Hall / 2nd Floor

2:00-3:00 p.m.:

Breakout Session IV (See Conference App for choices)
Breakout Sessions and Vendors - West Entrance Hall / 2nd Floor

3:15 - 3:30 p.m.:

Closing Session - Gymnatorium
Door prices for completing online evaluations


Note: Space to eat lunch will be available continuously between 11:30 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.

Note: Special keynote address from 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. - Great Room A